It’s the end of the world as we know….In Philadelphia! (Phils lose 4 straight)

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Sports

Everyone knows that the end of the world is coming this Saturday. In Philadelphia it seemed it was Tuesday night. The World Series favorite Phillies lost their fourth straight game. Everyone in in the city of brotherly and South Jersey had a collected sigh of frustration when J.C. Romero threw his first pitch in the bottom of the 9th inning against the St. Louis Cardinals. Lance Berkman drilled the first pitch he saw into center field and the Fightin Phils lost their fourth straight game. Now every Phillies fan and media personality will be freaking out Wednesday morning on all the radio stations. Let me tell you I will not be one of them. The Phillies still have the best record in the National League don’t forget. On the road trip the Phillies went 3-5 against Florida (2-1), Atlanta (1-2), and St. Louis (0-2). Seems like something to worry about right? Well in 4 of the Phillies 5 losses they went against Josh Johnson (1.64-ERA), Jair Jurrjens (1.66-ERA), Tim Hudson (3.03-ERA), and Jaime Garcia (1.64-ERA). Johnson, Jurrjens, and Garcia are Top 1, 2, and 3 in ERA for starters in all of baseball. Between the 3 of them they have one loss. Now the Phillies did lose to Jake Westbrook which was just a horrible loss, but they have been up against some of the best pitching in baseball in the past 8 games.

Yes the Phillies have a lot of holes on the offense, but hopefully with the return of Chase Utley and Dominic Brown the offense will begin to take shape. Everyone is saying we need to trade for a big bat  (Hunter Pence, Micheal Young etc.) But what do we have to trade? No one will take Joe Blanton or Raul Ibanez, and we can’t start trading our young arms in the farm system either. Hamels is our youngest starter at 27 and Roy Halladay is 34. We need to save those young arms and not throw them away for a big bat. Once Utley and Brown return Charlie will have much more options for his offense.

We as fans have been complaining for years about how we need starting pitching, bullpen, and pinch hitters. Well we have one of the best rotations in baseball, our bullpen has been solid (2.91-ERA, 7-4, and one blown save), and our pinch hitting is 2nd best in the NL (.297 AVG, 19 hits,11 RBIs). We finally have what we wanted for years and now that the offense is slumping against some of the best pitchers in baseball, everyone is flipping out. We all knew since  we let Werth go and signed Cliff Lee that we would be trading offense for pitching. The offense production is way down, but the pitching is way up.

There are still 121 games left to play and the Phillies are just going to get better with the additions of Utley and Dom Brown. I will refuse to let the horrible memories of Phillies of seasons past creep into my mind, and destroy my excitement for this team. Even with this 4 game losing streak I still predict the Phillies will win at least 100 games, Halladay and Hamels will be 20 game winners, and the Phillies will win the World Series (Unless the world does really end on Saturday).


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