Media Focused on Weiner’s weiner, while economy collapses.

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

So a guy named Weiner sent a picture of his weiner to some 21 year old girl. Someone found out about it and now everyone is going bananas over it. Now Weiner says it’s not his weiner someone hacked into his Twitter account and sent the photo of a weiner under Mr. Weiner’s account. Now Weiner says “It could be me”, but he just had a photo of his weiner and someone else sent it to the girl on his Twitter.

Honestly, I don’t give a crap who’s weiner it is or who sent it. The girl is of age, no crime committed, can we just shut up about this. I understand that this is a big story, and sad to say it is the number one story for the past two days. Well some people are  happy that Weinergate is taking over the headlines. That is the Obama Administration. After yesterdays jobs reports, and economic numbers of course you would be happy to see some ridiculous political scandal take the attention off the slow recovery. I think Obama’s “Bin-Laden Bump” is about to go back down.

Unemployment is still above 9%, 44 Million Americans are on Food Stamps (Not a racial comment), gas prices are soaring, Social Security and Medicare will exhausted in 12 years unless something is done. Now everyone is bashing the GOP for the Paul Ryan plan. Yes it is not the best plan to say the least, but at least he started a debate that needed to be started. Even former President Bill Clinton agrees with Paul Ryan on getting the conversation started (Not 100% about the Bill). The conversation needs to be started and the Congress is trying to start them. You know if Obama and crew think they have a better plan, well throw it out there. Put a bill out there, a 2012 budget, something to save Medicare or Social Security, a bill to get gas prices to go down, and create jobs. The republicans have sent out bills for all those concerns. Are they the best options? Some are most are not, but they are getting a conversation going, showing everyone what they are thinking in writing and not just in words. I do not know what the answers are, that is not my job. But what I do know is, doing nothing will not solve these problems and doing the same thing that got us into this mess (Bush and Co.) will not fix things. Obama and co. will tell you that everything is going in the right direction and the Economic Recovery is here. Well all know that is bullshit.

*Housing market, NO RECOVERY. House prices down 33% since 07′

*Since people can’t afford mortgages they are forced to sell cheap or be foreclosed. These people move into rental properties “pushing up the cost of leases across the nation’s 38 million rented residences,”-Bloomberg

*Back in 2009 the media said the recovery was beginning, gas was $54 a barrel. Two years later it is doubled.

*Food prices are rising at the fastest rate since the 70s

*Median income has fell from $51,726 in 2008 to $50,221 and stayed at the rate, while the cost of living rises

*The dollar keeps getting weaker

*Consumer confidence is at all time low. Lower than crash of 87′, Enron, 9/11, and the collapse of 2008


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