Where have all the Democrats gone?

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Politics

I consider myself Republican, but I have a few Democratic views. One of the things that I have noticed is that it seems many Democrats have abandoned the few views that I agree with them on. Why is it that the Democrats have gone into hiding when it comes to these views they used to believe in?? Anti-War, Anti-Torture, Anti-Patriot Act, and Anti-Gitmo. Now these are 4 things that I agree with, and when Bush was President, along with many other things I disagreed with his views on these issues. He was all about war, torture, the Patriot Act and Gitmo. I was happy to see Americans speak out for what they believe in, Democrats and Republicans alike. Now for some reason many people have gone into hiding or just have changed their views because we have a different President. Did they do this because it was cool and popular to disagree with Bush and now that Obama is President their views have changed?? I am just very curious to this change.

Anti-Patriot act: I disagree with it and feel it is an invasion on American Citizens and it has been proven to be such that. Many people wanted to have Bush impeached because of the Patriot Act calling it unconstitutional. Obama during his Senate campaigned promised to repeal the Patriot Act . He was against roving wiretaps, but as President he has signed 2 extension to the Patriot Act. Where are all the Democrats at, all the people who wanted Bush’s head on a platter because of the Patriot Act. They are all pretty much silent now. I disagreed with it when Bush was President, but now when I complain about it now it’s just because I hate Obama

Anti-Torture: Bush was called every name under the sun for having people tortured, and rightfully so. I think if you torture someone sooner or later they are just going to tell you what you want to hear. Many people felt the same way while Bush was President. Now, it seems they are singing a different tune. Obama ran a hard campaign against torture and said he would not run the White House like the Bush Administration did when it comes to torture. Also when asked in 2007 “Does the constitution permit a president to detain US citizens without charges as unlawful combatants?” President Obama answered “No. I reject the Bush Administration’s claim that the President has plenary authority under the Constitution to detain US without charges as unlawful combatants.” Interesting, how about you tell Bradley Manning that. He has been detained for over a year now, he has been subjected to what Obama and many people consider torture and harsh living conditions, and he has yet to be convicted of anything. When asked about the treatment and detainment of Bradley Manning Obama replied “He broke the law”. Where are those Democrats who believe in Human Rights? Imagine if something like this happened just a few years ago when Bush was President? Those Democrats would be out in droves, yet today they just ignore it and their beliefs.

Anti-War: Let’s make this simple. The Iraq War is bull shit, we all agree. Huge waste of money and lives. Osama is dead, glad Obama got him. I feel it is time to bring many troops home for Afghanistan, and Iraq. It is time for us to stop policing the world, yet Obama decided that it is up to him to start a new war  in Libya. No congressional approval what so ever. His excuse is actually laughable, he say we are not involved in hostilities. Ok, bombing the shit out of a country’s air defense is not involved in hostilities. I do give some people credit for standing up to Obama on this issue, but still there are many Democrats who sound like Bush era Republicans on this issue. People are dying, money is being spent, bombs are being dropped, sounds like a war to me. So according to Obama and his spineless Democrats we can just bomb any country we want as long as there are no boots on the ground, and we label it “Humanitarian Aid”. Look out Syria.

Anti-Gitmo: Obama ran hard campaign to have Gitmo closed down. He tried, it was too difficult and he  just gave up. Now all these Anti-Gitmo Democrats have shut up and just say he had too much Republican pressure. What? Of course he did, Republicans hate him they are going to put tons of pressure on him for every choice he makes. If you actually thought he was going to close Gitmo you must have really bought into that Hope and Change bull shit. So now Obama is President I guess Gitmo is not that bad.

The whole point of this is, that it just pisses me off how people’s views change as the President changes. If  people still have these views they have been silent, and not as outspoken as they would be if Bush was still President. I don’t claim to be something I am not. My grammar sucks, I am not well spoken, and I am not college educated. But one thing I can say is, that I have strong views on these issues and many more I haven’t listed, and I am not going to let that change just because we have a different President.


  1. Hi Troy, new here.

    Finally someone says it. Thank you. I am neither conservative nor liberal, I’m just a schmuck trying to survive in America. Whenever I mention to a liberal acquaintance how Obama has lied, is obsessed with the Mideast, ignores the pleas from Americans for jobs, they immediately say “Bush started it…blah blah blah.” So all of a sudden Democrats are into war because they support Obama no matter what? Stop blaming Bush. Obama is the man now, and he is the worst “leader” we have ever had. So it’s OK now to start new wars just because you’re a democrat and support Obama? Unemployment, homelessness, foreclosures…total neglect of the people he’s supposed to care about while billions and billions are sent overseas. I’ve never hated a president more, and it’s clear he hates us.

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