2011 Phillies rotation compared to The Braves of the 90s.

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Sports

The 1997 and 1998 Atlanta Braves starting rotations are considered tops in the best rotations in MLB history. I decided to compare some stats from those 2 staffs and the 2011 Phillies starting rotation threw 73 games into those historic seasons.

1997 Atlanta Braves Starting Rotation 

73 Games into the season:                                                   Finished Season:

Denny Neagle: 10-1/3.26Era/68ks                  Denny Neagle: 20-5/2.97Era/172ks

Greg Maddux: 9-3/2.67Era/83ks                    Greg Maddux: 19-4/2.20Era/177ks

Tom Glavine: 7-4/2.70Era/65ks                      Tom Glavine: 14-7/2.96Era/152ks

John Smoltz: 6-6/3.19Era/92ks                      John Smoltz:  15-12/3.02Era/241ks


Neagle, Maddux, Glavine: Made the All-Star teams.

Neagle and Maddux: Finshed 2nd and 3rd in Cy Young voting

1998 Atlanta Braves Starting Rotation:


73 Games into Season:                                                         Finished Season:

Greg Maddux: 10-2/1.62Era/90ks                    Greg Maddux: 18-9/2.22Era/204ks

Tom Glavine: 9-3/2.75Era/78ks                       Tom Glavine: 20-6/2.47Era/157ks

Kevin Millwood: 9-3/4.43Era/76ks                     Kevin Millwood: 17-8/4.08Era/163ks

Denny Neagle: 8-4/3.18Era/80ks                      Denny Neagle: 16-11/3.55Era/165ks

John Smoltz: 4-1/3.94Era/41ks                         John Smoltz: 17-3/2.90Era/173ks


Maddux and Glavine: Made the All-Star Team

Glavine: Won the Cy Young Award/Maddux and Smoltz: Finished 4th in Cy Young voting.

2011 Philadelphia Phillies Starting Rotation:

73 Games into Season:                                                         Finished Season:

Cole Hamels: 9-3/2.51Era/103ks                                 ????????????

Roy Halladay: 9-3/2.56Era/114ks                               ?????????????

Cliff Lee: 7-5/3.12Era/111ks                                         ????????????

Roy Oswalt: 4-5/3.38Era/41ks                                    ????????????


97 ATL, 98 ATL, 11 PHL whole pitching staff threw 73 games:

98' ATL: 49-24/3.42Era/545ks/203BBs/248Earned Runs/Avg .224
97' ATL: 47-26/3.17Era/495ks/188BBs/230Earned Runs/AVg .226
11' PHL: 45-28/3.03Era/578ks/189BBs/225Earned Runs/Avg .243



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