Phillies pitching staff dominates first half

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Sports

The Starters: 

3 All-Stars (Hamels/Halladay/Lee) Each with Era’s under 3.00, over 120ks, and over 130 innings pitched. No trio even comes close to the production these 3 have had so far.

PHL (Hamels/Halladay/Lee) 31-12 2.54ERA/396ks (Wins-1st, ERA-1st, Ks-1st)

LAA (Weaver/Haren/Santana) 26-17 2.75ERA/341ks (Wins-T4th, ERA-2nd, Ks-2nd)

ATL (Jurrjens/Hanson/Hudson) 30-13 2.77ERA/247ks (Wins-T2nd, ERA-3rd, Ks-8th)

SF (Lincecum/Cain/Vogelsong) 21-13 2.82ERA/307ks (Wins-9th, ERA-4th, Ks-5th)

OAK (Cahill/Gonzalez/Outman) 19-16 2.91ERA/225ks (Wins-10th, ERA-5th, Ks-9th)

TB (Shields/Price/Hellickson) 24-21 3.05ERA/330ks (Wins-T6th, ERA-6th, Ks-4th)

PIT (Correia/Karstens/Maholm) 24-20 3.20ERA/192ks (Wins-T6th, ERA-7th, Ks-10th)

SEA (Hernandez/Pineda/Vargas) 22-19 3.23ERA/334ks (Wins-8th, ERA-8th, Ks-3rd)

TEX (Wilson/Ogando/Lewis) 26-10 3.50ERA/291ks (Wins-T4th, ERA-9th, KS-7th)

DET (Verlander/Scherzer/Porcello) 30-14 3.64ERA/299ks (Wins-T2nd, ERA-10th, Ks-6th)


The Phillies rotation as a whole leads the Major Leagues in Wins (42), ERA (2.93), Strikeouts (515), Complete Games (11), and Walks (121). The team next in line with the next best ERA is Seattle, with an ERA 3.14 (.21 points higher then the Phillies). With the injury to Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee’s slow start it is amazing how the Phillies starting rotation has dominated.


The Bullpen


The Bullpen has been a huge surprise:

Michael Stutes: 3-1/3.26 ERA, 31ks in 30.1 innings and 6 Hold

Antonio Bastardo 3-0/0.82 ERA  (Major League best (30 Ip+)), 38ks in 33 innings, 7 holds, and 5 for 5 in saves

Ryan Madson 3-1/ 2.03ERA, 34ks in 31 innings, 2 holds, and 15 for 16 in saves


Stutes/Bastardo/Madson as a trio have gone: 9-2/ 2.00ERA, 103ks in 94.1 innings, 15 holds, and 20 for 21 in saves.


The resilience of the bullpen in my opinion has been the most surprising part of this year. Brad Lidge Injured, Jose Contreras goes 5 for 5 in saves. Contreras gets injured, Madson goes 15 for 16 in saves. Madson gets injured, Bastardo goes 5 for 5 in saves. The closers never miss a beat.


As a Whole Staff

57-34 (Best in MLB)/ 3.02ERA (Best in MLB), .239Avg (5th Best in MLB), 706ks (4th Best in MLB), 11 Complete Games (Best in MLB), 13 Shutouts (Best in MLB) 226BB (Best in MLB), 61 Quality Starts (Best in MLB), 25 for 28 in saves (89%) (Best in the MLB) and 3.12 K/BB (Best in MLB)


3 All Stars

2 Double digit game winners before All Star Break

3 Starters with 120+ks and 4 Starters with ERAs below 3.00

6 Pitchers (30+ip) with ERAs below 3.00






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