Vance Worley an Ace of Aces…..In July.

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Sports

The Month of July was a good month for rookie Vance Worley of the Philadelphia Phillies. Now with a solid spot in the Rotation of Aces, Worley has shown we he can do.



Vance Worley: 4-0 1.23Era 29Ks (5 Starts)

Roy Halladay: 3-1 2.57Era 29Ks (5 Starts)

Cole Hamels: 3-2 3.25Era 30Ks (5 Starts)

Kyle Kendrick: 1-1 3.94Era 13Ks (6 Starts)

Cliff Lee: 1-2 4.91Era 40Ks (5 Starts)


By no means am I saying that Vance Worley is better, or even close to the pitchers that Halladay, Hamels, and Lee are. But I am saying that in a rotation full of aces, Vance Worley held his own this month. Even if it is for one month, it is still impressive with that talent on this starting staff.




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