Phillies built for the Postseason

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Sports

The Phillies have 21 games left of the regular season, with a record of 93-48 they look like a pretty solid lock for the postseason. Here are some stats for the Phillies players in the postseason.

Carlos Ruiz– Postseason: .280 Avg, 4Hrs and 15Rbis

Pretty good numbers for the postseason, but Ruiz transforms into Senor Octubre come time for the world series is stats in 11 World Series games are:

.353 Avg, .488 OBP, .706 SLG, and 2 HRs.

Carlos Ruiz is a crucial part of the postseason not just because his great numbers in the World Series, but his handling of the Rotation of Aces and the Bullpen.


Ryan Howard- Postseason: .278 Avg, 7Hrs, and 27 Rbis

Ryan Howard also has solid postseasons, but he shines in the NLCS. In 16 NLCS games his stats:

.316 Avg, 2 Hrs, 10 Rbis, and 12 BBs

He also has 4 Hrs in 11 World Series games


Chase Utley– He has decent postseason stats, but the one that sticks out the most is his 7 Hrs in 11 World Series games.


Roy Halladay– Postseason: 2-1, 2.45Era, 20ks in 22 innings. (Also threw a No-Hitter in his first Postseason game)

Cliff Lee– Postseason: 7-2, 2.13Era, 80ks in 76 innings (Never lost a LDS or LCS game)

Cole Hamels– Postseason: 6-4, 3.45Era (2008 Postseason-4-0 1.80Era and World Series MVP)

Roy Oswalt– Postseason: 5-1, 3.39Era


Ryan Madson– 2-1, 2.35Era, 37ks in 30.2 Innings

Brad Lidge– 2.28Era, 18 Saves in 36 Games, 61ks in 43.1 innings, and 12.7 SO/9


I think the only questions for the playoffs will be is if Rollins, Utley, Howard, and Polanco can stay healthy and if the young guns can live up to expectations (Bastardo, Worley, and Stutes)


My Prediction for the Playoffs

PHL Vs ARZ-  Phils wins in 3 Games

MIL Vs ATL- Mil wins in 4 Games

PHL Vs MIL- Phils win 5 Games


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