Why you SHOULD vote 3rd Party in the 2012 Presidential Election.

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Yesterday while I was on Twitter I came across two different articles that had the same exact theme. One article was written by Timothy Patrick McCarthy who is a professor of history, literature, and public policy at Harvard University. His article was titled  “Why Progressives Should Vote for Obama“. In his writings he attempts to rally progressive against the notion that this is election is a choice between, “the lesser of two evils” He goes on to list accomplishments of the Obama administration and says if you vote for O again there is more to come, and even bigger and better than before.

Mr. McCarthy being a historian himself goes on to list the four main criteria to judge the “success” of presidents. 

(1) whether they lead effectively in times of national crisis; (2) whether they win and/or end a war; (3) whether they pass significant pieces of domestic legislation; and (4) whether they work to extend the civil rights of previously disempowered groups

Well according to this criteria, I would have to say President Obama has been a failure. (1) Since the day President Obama took office the country has been a mess. His fault or not he wanted the job, and the challenge. Unemployment has been at 8% or higher the majority of his Presidency, the nation debt is at $16 trillion and rising, gas prices are sky high, the Federal Reserve is printing money out of thin air, and our civil liberties are disappearing at a rapid rate. (2) Under Obama’s reign, the Afghanistan War has been escalated, careless drone attacks have been increased, Obama wanted to extend the Iraq War, but due to leaks by Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks the Iraqi Government refused to let Americans stay. (3) Obamacare has been his prized piece of legislation, which the majority of Americans are opposed too (4) Yes Obama has come out in support of gay marriage after being opposed to it his whole life, but look at what he has done for the Civil Rights of all Americans. Signed NDAA (The right to detain American citizens without a trial) into law and fought for it TWICE in the courts, kept Gitmo open, extended the Patriot Act, waged a war on Whislteblowers  and has lead a non transparent administration.

Now if I was a progressive, why in the world would I vote for Obama? Especially under the criteria that Mr. McCarthy tries to put out there for us. Obama has done some good while in office; Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. But at what cost do those successes come at? Signing of NDAA, massive Drone Wars in the Middle East, spying on American Citizens, the torture of Bradley Manning, letting the banks get away with financial murder? What makes you think he will protect civil liberties, end wars, and hold banks responsible in his second term if he has shown no signs of doing it in his first?

Now this brings me to the other side of the spectrum. Another article I read yesterday was written by Kurt Schlichter titled “Time for Ron Paul fans to support the Constitution”  (http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/09/18/Time-for-Ron-Paul-Fans-to-Support-the-Constitution) Now this guy is a trip, He goes on to make the same “Lesser of two evils” argument. He lays it on thick, saying 

Even if that’s true, the key is “lesser.” If you have to choose between encountering a hubcap thief and an axe murderer, you’d be a fool to shrug your shoulders and risk some face time with the dude with the hatchet.

He goes on not making a case of why you SHOULD vote for Mitt Romney, but why you SHOULD NOT vote 3rd party. He says time and time again, if you vote 3rd party you are voting for Obama. Yet, he doesn’t give good enough reasons to vote for Mitt Romney, just that in his opinion Romney is the “lesser” of two evils. I tried to talk to him on Twitter about this, and how important it is to vote for what you believe in and not party. These are a few of his responses.



After Mr. Schlichter was done with his immature banter he followed it up by saying this and blocking me:


Now correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like this is the guy doing the pouting and not the Ron Paul, Gary Johnson supporters.

The point of me writing this about these 2 articles, which coincidentally came out on the same day. Is that they are both saying vote the “lesser of two evils” because our guy is the lesser and the other guy is the greater. Don’t vote third party, because if you do, you are supporting the other guy and trying to make a statement. But, why would I vote either if I only support half of each candidates platform? Why wouldn’t I vote for someone that I support 90% of their platform? In this election there are 3 men on the ballot in 47 states (Fighting for 50) Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Gary Johnson. What these two men don’t understand is that you DON’T have to vote “the lesser of two evils” you can actually vote for someone you support. 

Gary Johnson appeals to Progressives, and Conservatives. Democrats, and Republicans. Independents, and Moderates. Why are we focused on dividing each other, and saying if you are Progressive or Democrat you have to vote for Obama or you are supporting Mitt Romney, and vice versa. If you are a Progressive, or Liberal who is tired of Obama following George Bush’s foreign policy why wait and chance another 4 years, vote for Gary Johnson who is against the wars. If you are an Independent who is tired of seeing your Civil Liberties being taken away by both Republicans and Democrats, why pick “the lesser of two evils” when you can vote Gary Johnson who is against NDAA, Patriot Act, CISPA, PIPA, ACTA, Drones, and Gitmo. If you are a Conservative who is tired of Washington spending and printing money out of thin air why vote for Obama and Romney when neither have a plan to fix the deficit? Gary Johnson actually balanced a budget in New Mexico and turned a deficit into a surplus.

The two party system is failing America, and is turning into the one party system. Obama and Romney disagree on taxes, a few social issues, and who is rich and who isn’t. But, they agree on the big issues of War; Both have shown by their words or their actions that America is the World’s police. Civil Liberties: Both support NDAA, Patriot Act, Gitmo, Drone strikes, Drone spying, Middle Eastern adventurism,. They are both funded by the same big banks: J.P. Morgan, Citi Group, and Goldman Sachs. They both are for the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air, bailouts and  QE3.  

The right and the left will try to convince you Obama and Romney are polar opposites, but when it comes down to it, there is no “lesser of two evils”. These two different roads go to the same destination; higher debt, more war, less civil liberties, rich getting richer, and the end of the middle class. Republicans and Democrats are all for choice; Pro-Choice, choice of schools, choice of what you eat, choice to own a gun. Yet, when it comes to the most important choice you have, in picking a leader of our nation you only have two options. Well this year you have another and his name is Gary Johnson. The chances of Gary Johnson winning are very slim, but a strong showing for a third party candidate will open doors for more third party candidates, and more choices. We need more conversations going on in this country, and more options to the many problems facing this nation. No more “Lesser of two evils”, time to vote for what you believe in, not party.


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