Vote principle, not party.

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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They are at it again, well mainly Kurt Schlichter. Bashing Free Thinkers, Independents, Moderates, Libertarians and basically anyone who is not a wing nut. Last week I wrote about how I got into an argument with Kurt Schlichter about voting 3rd party. He has a new article up ( today still arguing his baseless point. He also tweeted today “Hey #RonPaul fans — Time to get serious. Support Romney, or you support Obama and destroy your credibility”. This has to be one of the biggest contradictions I have heard in a while. Ron Paul fans support Ron Paul because of his credibility. When Ron Paul speaks you know what he stands for. You might not like it, or agree with it. But, you know what he is saying he believes, and he will say what he does. I would like to think Ron Paul supporters are the same way. We support a man who stands on his beliefs and can’t be bought. So this hack Kurt Schlichter is basically saying “Hey Ron Paul fans, put everything you believe in and throw it away, and vote for someone you disagree with or else you will lose your credibility”. Imagine if Ron Paul caved in and supported Romney just because he was the GOP candidate? Ron Paul fans would be outraged and Ron Paul would lose all the credibility that he worked 30 years to get.

The whole party first mentality has been taking over the political world for the past few years. Washington has become deadlocked in partisanship and nothing has been getting done. Republicans and Democrats alike are trying to rally their party, and pump up their nominee. This is a difficult task for both parties because you are trying to excite people with “status quo” nominees. Romney and Obama aren’t going to change anything for the better. One will raise taxes a little, and one will cut taxes a little. They will both continue to follow the Bush style foreign policy of raiding the Middle East, bombing countries with Drones, and infringing on our civil liberties. At the same time they will print and spend money, while saying that they are making “cuts” and fixing the budget. These are all talking points with no substance or real vision.

According to Mr. Schlichter people who are opposed to Romney and don’t agree with him are ” pouters, the angry and the attention seeking” What Mr. Schlichter doesn’t see is that, he is actually the pouter, and attention seeker. Saying the Libertarians and Independents will disappear off the political stage unless they buck up and vote Romney. It is mind boggling that this guy gets paid to write this stuff. People who stand for what they believe in, who stand for a belief, and not a party are some how pouters? Yeah we are pissed that Ron Paul was ignored at the RNC, we are angry that Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 47 states and he is not aloud in the debates. But we are not pouting, we are not giving up and voting for the party, we are continuing to fight on. Fighting for what we believe in, against a Government that has become drunk with power, and two candidates who have no shame in using that power.

So this is a message to all you wing nuts, who think we are the irrational ones. There are 314 Million people in the United States and every 4 years we are forced to pick between 2 people for the most important job in the world. Yet we are extreme when we ask for more options, when we ask to hear what kind of plans the other side might have. The Republicans and Democrats have monopolized the political world and have worked together to shut out the rest. It’s a right or left world, and if you don’t agree with either side you don’t matter. You know there is something wrong in D.C., when they only time the two parties come together is for War, excessive government power, and shutting up an independent voice. So remember for this election and future ones, you don’t have to vote party, vote for what you believe in.

There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.- John  Adams


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